Japan now! : CAPESON - Latent(Tokyo Recordings)

Tokyo-based label"Tokyo Recordings" which is established by former Japanese indie R&B unit "N.O.R.K." 's singer Nariaki Obukuro aka OBKR released an upcoming Japanese urban R&B/Pops singer CAPESON's debut EP"PORTRAIT1".

The release already got attention from some indie music media.
Today, I'd like to introduce a track from this EP which is named "Latent".
It is a very impressive smooth R&B tune. CAPESON's powerful voice really works with orchestration back track. Especially I like fazz guitar part & I think it really make the track emotional, by the way.

Unfortunately OBKR's N.O.R.K split out lately, however I'd like to say "Don't worry about it. ",  if you are a indie R&B fan.  CAPESON definitely will make you satisfy when you are listening.

Anyway, really looking forward to CAPESON & "Tokyo Recordings"'s next step.
 Highly recommended.

(JP)今月惜しまれつつも解散した"N.O.R.K."のNariaki Obukuro aka OBKRによって設立された""Tokyo Recordings"から新たな才能”CAPESON”によるurban R&B/Pops作品"PORTRAIT1"がリリース。


今後もCAPESON とTokyo Recordingsの次の一手が楽しみですね!

Other recommend


Support Tokyo Recordings

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Sima Kim & Ryuei Kotoge - Exchange

Holland-based Korean producer Sima Kim & Kobe-based Ryuei Kotoge released a collaboration album "Exchange". It is a good & dope beats album.

My most favorite tracks is Track4 "Seoul (ft. illap)" which is featured Korean rapper unit "illap".
And Track2 "Rêveur" is deep melodic hip hop beats stuff.

Now those 2 tracks from this album are available for listening on soundcloud.

(JP)オランダを拠点に活動する韓国出身のプロデューサー、Sima Kimと神戸を拠点に活動するRyuei Kotogeによるコラボレーションアルバム"Exchange"がリリースされました。

特に韓国のラッパーをフィーチャーしたTrack4 "Seoul (ft. illap)"とTrack2 "Rêveur"がオススメ。

Buy this album:

Support Sima Kim & Ryuei Kotoge

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Erik Luebs – Absolute Presence

Osaka based producer Erik Lubes aka Magical mistakes released  "Absolute Presence" under the name of his real name "Erik Lubes" from world wide well known electronic music label "Project Mooncircle" lately.

"Absolute Presence" includes various tracks like really beautiful ambient style melodic synth with 4/4 beats style deep house, tight bass line beats, impressive mallet sound track, deep sound scape ambient track.

All tracks are my fave and I'd like to recommend this release.
Especially Track1"Farewells" which is actually danceable however good for easy listening and Track 4 "Outpouring" is like traditional ambient style stuff. It really reminds me "bvdub"works.

This release already got some good feedbacks from influential music media like BOILER ROOM, NTS, BBCR1 and more

Congratulations, Erik!!!
He proofed his great music talent & potential in this time.
We all happy to listen to your brilliant music! & keep it up!
Full support & big love from Fantasy dub music blog.

(JP)大阪を拠点に活動するプロデューサーMagical mistakesがベルリンの人気Electronicaレーベル"Project Mooncircle"から本名の"Erik Lubes"名義で"Absolute Presence" をリリース。
この"Absolute Presence"はアンビエント的な4/4 Deep houseスタイルのものから、タイトなベースラインが効いたBeats, マレットサウンドが印象的なトラック、深淵なサウンドスケープを持つアンビエントトラックまで収録。
特に Track1"Farewells"とTrack 4 "Outpouring"が素晴らしいのでオススメ致します!

すでにBOILER ROOM, NTS, BBCR1など世界的に名の知れた影響力を持つメディアからも好評価されている良作です。是非、一度皆様に聴いて頂きたい作品ですね。

“Losing It” has a real meditative charm about it – wafting, airy pads suspended above fluffy percussive movements.

I love the way this EP unfolds. Reawakening, Eyes Closed and Liminality all biting me at the moment.

Buy this release:

Support Erik Lubes aka Magical mistakes

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“Avantgarde” 映画“EDEN/エデン”公認Special night at Shibuya Oiran promo mix

I'm organizing a French house music night on Sep 26.
And this time is gonna be a very special night because it got officially support from French film
"Eden" which is directed by Mia Hansen-Løve.

Anyway, if you are interested in French touch music like  legendary "Le knight club", "Modjo", "Thomas Bangalter", "DJ Falcon", "Alan Braxe" etc, please come down!

(JP) Lady Citizen presents “Avantgarde”映画“EDEN/エデン”公認Special night at しぶや 花魁 oiranというフレンチハウスナイトを9/26(Sat)に今公開中の映画“EDEN/エデン”公認Special nightとして開催致します。

"Le knight club", "Modjo", "Thomas Bangalter", "DJ Falcon", "Alan Braxe" あたりの音楽が好きな方、映画を観て気になった方、フリーエントリーですので是非遊びに来てください!

1. Martin Solveig -  Jealousy(Club Mix)
2. Cassius - 99(Tim Green Remix)
3. Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song
4. Oxymorum - Find the time
5. Golden Bug - Lord Of Pleasure
6. Le Knight Club - Tropicall
7. Daft Punk - Da Funk
8. Hijack, Brabe - Gravity Modulations
9. Le Knight Club - Boogie Shell
10. Bass Hitt- The Beat That Makes U Move feat. Dreamgirl Veee (The Rhythm Hype Mix)
11. Susu Bobien - You Don’t Know - MuthaFunkaz Tribute Mix
12. Reboot - Enjoy Music - Riva Starr Remix
13. Sam Ellis - Club Lonely - Eric Kupper 12IN Mix
14. Jovonn, Krystine - Better Love - Alternative Vocal Mix
15. Luis Radio, Studio 32 - The Flute
16. Beatfanatic - Rumpnisse Boogie - Pic Edit
17. Cece Peniston - Finally

Free download: https://www.hive.co/downloads/download/396161/spotlight/

Party info:
Lady Citizen presents “Avantgarde”

映画“EDEN/エデン”公認Special night at しぶや 花魁 oiran

Free entry(要1drinkオーダー)

DJs: Kentaro(Andersons)
Lady Citizen
and more…



Supported by  映画“EDEN/エデン”

Perfect Touch:Julien Mier - "Changing Currents"

Osaka-based electronic music label/event Perfect Touch which is run by Magical Mistakes aka Erik Luebs & mightwhales released a new  beautiful EP "Changing Currents" by Dutch producer,  Julien Mier.

The EP included 2 awesome remixes by Yosi Horikawa & Magical Mistakes.

And Julien is currently touring in Japan.
He is performing in Shizuoka, Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo( with tour support from Magical Mistakes).

If you are interested in Plaid, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins, Cornelius, DON'T MISS this release &   his shows!

(JP)大阪を拠点に世界のBeatsシーンと共鳴する作品をリリースする、Magical Mistakes aka Erik Luebs & mightwhalesによるレーベル"Perfect Touch"がオランダのビートメーカー、Julien Mier による"Changing Currents"をリリース。ちなみにこのEPにはYosi Horikawa, Magical Mistakesのリミックスも収録。

現在、日本国内4カ所を回るJapan tourも開催中。(ツアーサポートアクトはMagical Mistakes).
Plaid, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins, Corneliusなどが好きな方は必聴ですので是非チェックしてみてください!

Living in the Dutch countryside, Julien Mier spent the last several years crafting heavily melodic and carefully textured pieces that engage the listener both cognitively and emotionally. His newest EP, Changing Currents, is a culmination of his exploration of natural sounds, and ultimately serves as a final farewell to the cabin he was living in directly up to the point of this works’ completion.

Buy(CD & digital): http://www.perfect-touch.us/changingcurrents/

Support Perfect Touch & Julien Mier

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Japan now!: shigge - heat

I introduced current shigge's release "Special" a week ago. However, today I've got good news from him.
He uploaded his new track "heat" on soundcloud. The track is sounds like sexy house music.
It will be released from his own label YOM soon.
Watch out his SNS!

(JP)福岡を拠点に活動するプロデューサー、shiggeが新曲"Special"に続き、"heat"をsoundcloud上で公開!今回はsexy house musicといった4/4 beats trackでかっこいいです。
近日に彼のlabel, YOMよりリリースとのことです。是非、checkしてみてください!

Support shigge

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Conrank - Ma Fan (STRTEP040)

China based UK Bass/Grime master, Conrank is releasing his new EP from SATURATE! RECORDS (GER)

His new EP"Ma Fan" got 13 bloody mad bass tunes!(incl remixes from Bleep Bloop, Starkey and more)Now you can check 3 of premieres on the internet.

The release is truly aggressive club bass stuff.
Bass madness is coming from Shanghai!!!
If you are a Bass music lover, you should check this out!
Ma Fan (STRTEP040) is releasing  on Sep 29th and now it is available for pre-ordering on label band camp. 

(JP)中国を拠点に活動するBass music系プロデューサー、Conrankが SATURATE! RECORDS よりNew EP/ Ma Fanをリリース。この13曲入りEPには彼のオリジナルだけでなく、Bleep Bloop, StarkeyらによるRemixも含まれています。)現在、インターネット上でこのリリースの中から3曲がオンライン公開中。

UK直系Asian bass musicの本命、オススメです!

Support Conrank

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Japan now! :YOM new releases from shigge & Phüey

Good releases from YOM - Fukuoka based label!
Really chill beats from shigge & good vibes DJ mix from Phüey.
They are available for free downloading from YOM's soundcloud.

Those stuff are good for your weekend!
Highly recommended.

(JP)福岡を拠点とするレーベル、YOMがshiggeの新曲とPhüeyによるDJ mixをリリース!
現在、この音源はYOMレーベルSoundcloudでFree DLが可能です。

Support YOM

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Japan now! : End of Summer Session feat.Kuston Beater

Tokyo based electronic music record label "AN/AY" is organizing a free party on Sep 12th @ Shibuya Oiran!

This time, the party has a very special guest DJ, Kuston Beater from Luxembourg.
The label owner "Katsuyuki Taguchi" & Lady Citizen, Kravis are supporting.

Now the party promo mixes "Summer end DJ mixes" which are mixed by Lady Citizen
And they are available for free downloading!

Those 3 mixes are different type music style each.
*Sunset Mix(Chill & Future Beats), Night Mix(House), Midnight Mix(Techno)
So, which one is your most favorite?
Anyway, if you are around Shibuya, why don't you join us?

(JP)東京から良質な音源のリリースを続けるレーベル〈AN/AY〉が9/12(土)に東京・しぶや花魁でフリー・パーティ『End of Summer Session feat.Kuston Beater』を開催する。
Kuston Beaterはルクセンブルク出身のプロデューサーで、同郷のSun Glittersと親交が深く彼のアートワーク集『Vanished Moments』にもトラックを提供。なお、開催にあわせてレーベル所属のDJ、Lady Citizenによるミックスが公開されている。

 1. Purple Yellow Red Blue (Muneshine Remix) / Portugal. The Man
2. No Sleep (WYLN Remix) / Janet Jackson
3. Heaven - Feat Bembe Segue / Mark de Clive-lowe
4. BLONDE( J-Louis Remix ) / BLACK ATLASS
5. Nothing Left (James Carter Remix) / Kygo feat. Will Heard
6. Feeling / Decap
7. Kurious (Anton Borin Edition) / KiloKish
8. On & On / Stimulated Remix / Eryka Badu
9. Carioca Moon / A.Y.B. Force
10. Beautiful Saxo / Edwick John
11. Liquid-VHS / Exmag & Russ
12. Wasted Time (feat. Ashley Garcia) / Fear Club
13. Lemon Tree (Sahe & Mike Wit Remix) / Fools Garden
14. Drive (Kito Remix) / Dorink
15. All That & Then Some (Muneshine's Just Hold On, It's  A Remix) / Carly Rae Jepsen
16. Sexual Healing (Sander W. & Doren remix) / Marvin Gaye
17. Say Yes / Louie Lastic
18. Heal you feat. Jamal Woon & Courtney Bennet  / OSHI
19. A Message (YUAHREL Remix) / Kelela

2. Driven / OFF THE ROCKER
3. Sambanova /Pnau
4. Summer Daze / Nick Holder
5. Feelin U feelin ME feelin U / The Stimulator
6. Mysterious Vibe / Ash Reynolds
7. Feel Your Love / Outboxx
8. Swing (Win & Woo Remix) / EVVY
9. Bloom (Lane 8 Remix) / ODESZA
10. All Night (Vocal Extended) / Montilla
11. Allright (we'll be) / Detroit Swindle
12. 2 B Free / DJ Deeon
13. Lil' High (filipina mm) / Baba Stiltz
14. 1 Thing (Cherokee Remix) / Amerie
15. Anew / Chambray
16. Give You Up feat. KLP (Darius Edit) / Crayon
17. Process (Dub's Dub) / Koizumi Kyoko
18. Selfish High Heels / Dallas Cotton
19. Fallin / Shigge
20. When The Love Is Real / Vantage

 1. Easy / Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot, Customer
2. Devotion (Deadbeat Trance Dub Remix) / Nico Lahs
3. Plateau / Scuba
4. Chroma 3 (Dark Dub) (Original Mix) / Peter Van Hoesen
5. Mouth To Mouth / Audion
6. Black on Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix) / Scuba
7. 1984 / Piotr Klejment
8. Portal 7 / Vril
9. Hydraulic Jack / DJ Deep, Roman Poncet, Adventice
10. Resilience / Technasia
11. Do It Yourself / WK7
12. Plimton / Laszlo Dancehall
13. A Subtle Change / Alan Fitzpatrick
14. Swarm (Telefon Telaviv Remix) / Art Of Trance
15. Stay Out All Night(Radio Slave Remix) / Josh Wink
16. Inspection in Solitude / Peter Van Hoesen
17. Are You There (Ben Klock Remix) / Josh Wink
18. Woah! / Deadbeat

Party info:
End of Summer Session feat.Kuston Beater
2015.9.12 (Sat) at Shibuya Oiran, Tokyo
Open:9PM till late
Free entry(1 drink order is required when you get in)

Guest DJ : Kuston Beater
DJ : Lady Citizen (AN/AY) / katsuyuki taguchi (AN/AY) / Kravis

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Japan now!: RE:AcidWorx Vol2@dazz bar Shizuoka Japan by Harry

Do you feel Acid house/techno? I think All club people still seem to be in love with TB303.

Kansai-based DJ, Harry made a reprise ver. of his latest DJ set at RE:AcidWorx Vol2@dazz bar Shizuoka.
He mixed trustable tracks like Scuba, Woo York, M. Fukuda, SERi (JP), Ismaia, Mike Parker's works.

Anyway, this DJ mixtape is pretty hardcore & truly club vibes.
Good for dancing! Can't wait to go to club in next weekend!
Well done, Harry!

(JP)思うにクラバーというものはいつの時代もTB303から絞り出される音を愛して止まないものです。関西を拠点に活動するTechno DJ, HarryがRE:AcidWorx Vol2@dazz bar Shizuokaにてプレーした曲を使って現場の雰囲気を再現したDJ mixを発表。


Support Harry

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